Xi Graphics, Inc. PRelease Archive
Sep06-FireMV Support Released (pdf)
Dec04-Parhelia Linux Support Released (pdf)
Feb04-Colorgraphic Xentera GT Series (pdf)
Feb04-Panasonic CF-29 ToughBook Solaris & Linux Support (pfd)
Oct)3-Intel i865G Support (pdf)
Sep03-Fujitsu LifeBook P5010 Support (pdf)
Sep03-Advantech PCM-9372 SBC Support (pdf)
Sep03-Intel i855G Support (pdf)
Sep03-VIA Eden & Twister T Support (pdf)
Jul03-Dell Inspiron 8500 Drivers Released (pdf)
Jun03-Wildcat VP560 Drivers Released (pdf)
Jun03-Wildcat VP Drivers Released (pdf)
May03-Overlay Support w/1830 Intel laptops (pfd)
May03-ATI RADEON IGP 340MSupport (pdf)
Mar03-Compaq Evo N800w "Workstation Notebook" Support (pdf)
Mar03-Sager 8886 and 5660 Summit Support (pdf)
Feb03-ToughBooks Supported by Summit (pdf)
Feb03-Fakespace&XiG on Linux (pdf)
Nov02-Mobility RADEON 9000/Dell 8200 (pdf)
Nov02-Trident CyberBLaDE support added to Summit (pdf)
Oct02-Unreal Tournament 2003 Linux Drivers on RADEON (pdf)
Oct02-Gnome2 Supported by Summit (pdf)
Oct02-CompaqN800c in Summit (pdf)
Oct02-Asiliant 69030 in v6 (pdf)
Oct02-RADEON 9000 Support in Summit DX (pdf)
Sept02-Summit v2.2 Released (pdf)
May02-IBM ThinkPad A31p (FireGL 7800) Support
May02-6110 Liux Support in Summit
Apr 02-Appian Rushmore in Summit
Apr'02-HP Pavilion zt 1000 Series in Summit
Mar02-GVX1 Pro Card Supported in Summit
Mar '02-Dell Latitude C400 Laptop Support
Feb '02-Dell Inspiron Laptop Summit Support Released
Feb 02-Solaris3D-Stereo (pdf)
Dec01-Wildcat 5110 (pdf)
>Nov01-3DstereoLinux (pfd)
Nov01-Summit v2.2 Released (pdf)
Sept01-Beta 3D v2.1 Demo Available (PDF file)
Jul01-RADEON™ VE Support Released For v6 (PDF file)
Jul01-Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 Laptop Support In v6 (PDF file)
Dec00 - Xi Graphics Releases v6 of Accelerated-X Box Products
Nov00 - Xi Graphics & ATI Team on RADEON
Jul00 - Xi Graphics Inc. Introduces DeXtop Linux GUI
Jun00 - Xi Graphics Inc. Introduces 3D Graphics Support For Matrox Cards
Jun00 - Xi Graphics Inc. Releases 3D Linux Graphics Software Update
Apr00 - 3D Linux Graphics Drivers Announced For Voodoo3 Graphics Cards
Feb00 - Xi Graphics Announces Solaris 8 Support On Accelerated-X
Jan00 - Xi Graphics, Inc. Announces New Graphics Product Line For Linux
Oct99 - Xi Graphics, Inc. Fields Hardware-Accelerated 3D X Server For Linux.
Oct99 - Announcing G400 Multi-head Support, MX Price Reduction
Sept99 - Announce ATI Mobility Chip Laptop Support
Jul 99 - Announcing Release of maXimum™cde v2.1 GUI for Linux
Mar 99 - Announcing 3D Linux Server in E&S Booth at CeBIT
Mar 99 - Announcing Solaris x86 Support in Version V Accelerated-X
Mar 99 - Announcing Version 5 Accelerated-X
Dec 98 - Announcing AX on Alpha
Oct 98 - Announcing 3D Technology Demo Available for Developers
Sep 98 - Motif2.0 avail on BSD/OS
Aug 98 - LX hits 26 Xmarks on Fujitsu laptop
Jul 98 - maXimum cde Available with Integrated LinuxOS
Mar 98 - Solaris Support Available in LX
Feb 98 - LX Available
Oct 97 - AX v4.1 Available
Aug 97 - Executive Edition of maXimum cde Available
Aug 97 - LX announcement
Mar 97 - AX v3.1 Available
Mar 97 CDE Available for Business Desktop
Feb 97 - New Company Name