Date: February 19,1997

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X Windows or X-Rated?
Leading Software Company Changes Name to Avoid Confusion with Internet Porn

Denver -- A leading developer of high-performance graphical software has changed its name from X Inside to Xi Graphics. The reason: Ongoing confusion between the software developer and the increasing number of X-rated pornography companies on the Internet.

"We develop software that solves performance, compatibility, and correctness issues in the UNIX X Windows environment," explains Richard Van Dyke, vice president of marketing. "However, we do not address the performance issues of the sexually adventurous."

The name X Inside brought a plethora of requests for pornographic material, and even impacted the company principals in their dealings outside the computer field. "An aspiring model even went so far as to show me a portfolio of highly suggestive photographs," explained Thomas Roell, president and chief technology designer. "We felt a name change was in order."

"We believe the name change will effectively relieve us of some of the wacky calls we've been getting," explains Van Dyke. "And by adding 'graphics' to our name and releasing products like CDE, we are better representing our company's mission to provide leading-edge, networked graphics software solutions."

The company was founded in 1993 to create high performance Unix X servers and video device drivers. Since that time, the company has continued to develop software that realizes the compatibility, correctness, and performance potential of rapidly advancing graphical hardware technologies.

Xi Graphics' products include: the Accelerated-X Server, a PC X server product line providing unparalleled graphical performance on most PCI bus computers and laptops running FreeBSD and Linux; the Common Desktop Environment (CDE), a consistent and integrated graphical user environment for Unix; MultiHead server software, that allows multiple displays on the same PC; a Laptop/Portable PC X server; SGI-certified OpenGL, a three dimensional graphics language; and OSF-certified Motif, a GUI development tool.

The company also offers custom solutions and has worked with a number of Fortune 200 companies, including those operating RISC-based or System V software. These include Dell, Motorola, Siemens-Nixdorf, STN-Atlas, SGS-Thompson, and SunSoft. Xi Graphics technology is an integral part of many of the world's most successful software systems -- often providing the only industry source to help customer solution providers meet strict procurement requirements regarding compatibility, performance, and function.

Xi Graphics promotes networked computing with the highest performance, widest compatibility, and most graphically correct display software. For additional information on Xi Graphics, as well as a list of some of the more "interesting" requests, visit The company's phone number is (303) 298-7478.