Accelerated-X™ Summit Series

You should have already obtained the Product Code generated by the Summit Series demo running on your computer - by running 'xsetup'. This is an alphanumeric string that will look something like this:


If you haven't obtained the Product Code for your setup, then go back to the page that describes how to get the Product Code.

Enter (paste) the Product Code into the form field below and hit "GO" to get to the secure on-line order form that will be used for ordering the Key for the Summit Series Edition you are using.

Fill out the on-line form and submit.

The order will usually be processed within an hour or so - on normal workdays in Denver, Colorado, USA - and the Key emailed to the destination on the form. Install the Key according to the instructions in the README that comes with the Key file (binary).

 To Get to the Secure On-line Order Form, enter your Product Code in the field below and hit GO.

Enter Product Code:

Note: Orders can also be placed by phone or FAX or email. Volume OEM and end-user accounts are handled directly.