Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
Obtaining the Product Code

Obtaining the Product Code is accomplished after the Summit Demo has been installed on your UNIX- or VxWorks-base computer system, whether Laptop, Desktop, Multi-head, Wall display, or Workstation setup, using the instructions in the README.xsvc and README.Summit included in the .tar file that contained the demo.

Test the server by running Xaccel - e.g. '/usr/X11R6/bin/Xaccel' (for Linux) or '/usr/openwin/bin/Xaccel' (for Solaris), etc. If the server is working properly on your hardware, that command should bring up our server banner, and you should be able to move the mouse cursor. Kill the server with 'ctrl-alt-bs'.

Start a graphical session as you normally would. (This is generally done by running 'startx' on linux or '/usr/dt/bin/dtlogin' on Solaris (for CDE)).

Once X is up and running, open a terminal window, and run 'Xsetup' (or '/usr/openwin/bin/Xsetup' for Solaris). This should bring up the graphical version of Xsetup. The Product Code is listed in the first window or Main Menu of graphical Xsetup (like this).If the text version of Xsetup comes up even though you're in a graphical X session, check your DISPLAY environment variable to make sure it's set to :0.