Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
Graphics Hardware Supported

Other Graphics Support

There have been many graphics card/chip manufacturers over the past fifteen years, and Xi Graphics developed X Window System support for almost all of them. The field has narrowed considerably to the point that there are less than a handfull left. Our support for ATI, Matrox and Intel is listed elsewhere. Here we have two (now extinct) manufacturers whose cards we supported for years. These few cards listed here are among the last made by each company, respectively. The 3Dlavs cards are legacy, and are contrained only in v2.2 of the WX Series. The Colorgraphic cards are in v2.4 HX Series, and thus not yet legacy at our end.

Series Other Graphics Cards Supported in Series 
HX (WallDisplay) Series HX series Colorgraphic: GT-2, GT-4 and GT-8
WX (Workstation) Series Wx series 3Dlabs: VP560, VP760, VP870, VP880 Pro, VP970, VP990 Pro