Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
Monitor Limits

Max Monitors Supported in an Edition

The amount of "real estate" and the number of monitors or projectors providing it is subject to some limitations in all of the Summit Series products. In some cases, the limit is rather high; in other cases the limit may one monitor (the panel in a laptop is a monitor).

The value and complexity of systems with many monitors is usually considerably more than a system with only one monitor, and the amount of follow-on maintenance support is more. Large systems with many monitors and a load of nice features can be quite complex; the amount of development work needed to insure such systems meet the normal Accelerated-X standards is also much higher for such systems

Since Xi Graphics does not charge for its standard maintenance support, and internally funds most of its development work, the license fees tend to be higher on the larger, more complex systems.

The standard downloadable Editions of each Series has a specification for the maximum number of monitors the Edition can support. For most of the Series except the Wall Display (HX) series, the maximun number of monitors, depending upon the Edition, will be 1, 2, 4, or 16. For the HX Series, see "HX Levels".