Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
X server/driver Feature

Wall Display "Levels" of Monitors/Projectors                 

The Wall Display (HS) Series has a theoritical (logical) limit of 128 monitors/projectors that can be "handled" by the X server SW. Whether the requisite number of grahics cards can be installed in a single computer chassis is another matter. Also it is not yet determined just how far the Accelerated-X SW can be stretched and still provide acceptable system application performance in all graphical operations.

The downloadable public demos of the HX Series can be licensed on-line at three "level" of maximun monitor support:
    Level 1 - will support up to four (4) monitors or projectors;
    Level 2 - will support up to eight (8) monitors or projectors;
    Level 3 - will support up to sixteen (16) monitors or projectors.

Systems that are required to support more than 16 monitors/projectors fall into the category of "special handling" and cannot be licensed on-line. Currently one customer has built systems with 48 porjectors, and is planning on evel larger systems. We will see how far the envelope can be pushed using only ome display computer (with lots of graphics card slots).