Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
Free Public Demos Available

Summit Series Public Demos

Each Summit Series have a number of "Editions" that differ in the collection of features, graphics hareware, computer platforms and OS kernels supported. Most demo packages available to the Public for download and testing. There are some products whose demo packages are available only to qualified accounts.

Demos are full-function products, made available for the customer or prospect to test on the target system to insure satisfaction before purchasing a License Key. The Key will be node-locked to the "Product Code" generated by the demo running on the target system.

Each demo has an internal timer that will stop the X server after about 25 minutes (in the presence of input from mouse or keyboard). The demo can be restarted by the command 'startx' any number of times.

Commercial customer/prospects who need to conduct uninterrupted tests for extended periods can request an "Extended Testing License Key" that will allow the demo to run for a week (or more) and then expire completely.

There are READMEs in the demo download files, and they should be read carefully before beginning the install process. Our ftp site also has more general READMEs on each Series, and a Summit Manual.

Links To Demos by Series
Traffic Control (TX) Series link
WallDisplay (HX) Series link
Portable (PX) Series link
Value Desktop (VX) Series link
Workstation (WX) Series link
Multi-head (MX) Series link
Laptop (LX) Series link
Desktop (DX) Series link