Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
Some Customers

Who Uses Accelerated-X?

Since Xi Graphics began in 1994, it has enjoyed collecting a community of individuals, corporations, universities, and government entities - both civilian and military - that have used Xi Graphics' X Window System Software ('X' for short) on UNIX systems of many flavors, and in about every activity sector there is.

Some customers have been with us for almost as long as Xi Graphics has been in existence. From desktops to laptops to large systems with many monitors and mission critical importance, the variety is endless. Computer graphics have truly become ubiquitous.

Recently Xi Graphics seems to have become the "go to" source for the more complex and important UNIX/Linux systems that need high reliability, high performance, and often lots of monitor real estate. Some need OpenGL, while others use only 2D.

Some have difficulty with Xorg and rapidly changing Linux kernels, while others have issues with low performance on systems from the big computer manufacturers with UNIX OSs. See, for example, the IBM GXT-135P data point.

While the "gamers" may be willing to live with frequent crashes, constant SW upgrades, rapid graphics card obsolescence, and many hours/days/months fighting bugs and pushing performance envelops, the typical Accelerated-X™ customer already has a life and wants to get on with it - not spend a lot of time on problems in "less than optimum" X system SW.

We won't name individuals, but we will mention some organizations that build and/or use systems that employ our SW, without being specific on system/application details, since they are often confidential. The list below is representative, not exhaustive.

Hermes Medical

Boston Scientific

Lockheed Martin

General Dynamics


DOT, State of Georgia

Zimmer (ORTHOsoft)

New Mexico Power

Southwest Research institute

Indra SA

Brazil Navy

US Navy

Northrop Grumman

Karnataka Microelectronic
    Design Centre Pvt Ltd

Dept of Energy

US Air Force

GE Medical

Helmut Mauell GmbH


Thales ATM




US Army



Sun Microsystems



Marconi Medical




Univ of --- many