Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
Hardware Supported

Graphics Card

Support Available
The GXT-135P card is supported in the Summit Wall Display (HX) Series in Bronze and Silver Editions on several models of IBM computer platforms, including Power5 520 running AIX v5..2 or v5.3. Other, older models are also supported, so check with us to see if yours is. The card supports two monitors, and the HX Series can provide two xscreens per card, as well as use the cards hardware support for image overlay. The HX Series is available in three "Levels" according to the maximum number of monitors that are supported.

UPDATE: The GXT-145P was recently introduced by IBM in the Power 6, and it also is now supported in Summit. We were unable to get the GXT-145P to work on v5 of AIX however -only on AIX v6.

Demos Available
Demos are available by request to qualified accounts for testing,

Licensing is Easy
After testing a demo and ensuring that the Summit Series software is acceptable, you can easily purchase a License Key on-line, by phone and by PO. The process requires that the demo be installed and running on the machine on which it is to be used, and then run 'Xsetup'. This will produce a Product Code that is needed in the licensing process. For all the details of the process, go to 'Buy a License Key' tab in the top bar of this page.

       GXT-135P X11 Performance in Xmarks (on IBM Power5 520 box)


.   11.8
.   59.3
.   16.8
.   104

Accelerated-X is FAST
No kidding. The X11 Perf benchmarks show an amazing difference in performance for the same card, same box, and same AIX kernel. The difference is that the X Window System - the X server and graphics driver - is an Accelerated-X product instead of the IBM X server and graphics driver.