Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
Links to Latest XSVC Modules

Get Latest XSVC Modules

After installing the Key in your system, keep a copy in a safe place (not on the licensed system. We keep copies at Xi Graphics, should you need one, but be prepared for some ribbing.

The xsvc modules are the interface between Summit Series X servers and the OS kernel in use.

These modules are specific to each platform and OS, and often updated when kernels change new models of platforms are intorduced.

As a convenience to our customers, we provide quick links to the various xsvc modules that are on our FTP site for checking on the release # and/or downloading.

The current version of xsvc is v4. There are older v3 modules that are used on some older code bases that are still in use that have been put is a separate directory.

Go to the v4 or v3 directory and select the module appropriate for your need, and select the OS and kernel package for your system.

Don't forget the READMEs.

FTP Directory

          For v4 xsvc Modules

          For "legacy" v3 xsvc Modules