Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
X server/driver Feature


Typically for non-medical systems, "Color" usually refers to TrueColor, or 24-bit color, equalling more than 17 million different colors, using 8-bits each for Red Green and Blue. Accelerated-X does not have the ability to use 10 bits of color throughout the graphics opereations/rasterization processes. Adding that capability wourd be a special Project.

PseudoColer is when only eght bits (a single byte) are used to specify a PseudoColor. PseudoColor is often used when an overlay image plane is being used over a TrueColor plane. Thus the maximun number of colors available for the overlay plane is 256, each of those 256 colors can be one of the over 17 milliion colors available in the TrueColor spectrun. The list of colors is held in a table of PseudoColor name or ID vx the corresponding color specification from the TrueColor spectrun. One of the entries in the table is reserved for the "transparency color", so in actuality, only 255 colors are available. The transparency bit allows the underlay plane color to be used (to show through) the overlay plane.

To speed up the tcolor able look up operation, some GPUs have one or more hardware color lookup tables (LUTs). In applications such as Air Traffic Control, overlay, PseudoColor planes are used heavily, so hardware LUTs are a significant benefit.

Summit Series that have the Image Overlay feature, will also have the PseudoColor feature.