Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
X server/driver Feature

Portrait/Square Monitor      

Most computer monitors have "landscape" resolutions, i.e., the view width is more than the view height in pixels. Some special units are made to present a "portrait" view or a "square" view. These are typically more expensive monitors, and are generally used in medical and other mission-critical systems that require very reliable operation, high performance, and quick maintenance response. These requirements extend to the operational SW as well as the system hardware.

Xi Graphics offers support for (native) portrait mode monitors as well as for the (large) square monitors often used in Air Traffic Control (and similar) systems. Because of the maintenance support implications, and the increased complexity of such systems, this option is only found in Summit Series Editions thay have a higher license fee.

Remember that Xi Graphics does not charge for maintenance support; it comes with the license fee.