Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
X server/driver Feature

Hidden Pixels                     

This feature is primarily applicable to the Summit HX Series and Wall Displays that use monitors (instead of projectors). If one imagines standing in a living room and looking outside through a large, multi-pane picture window, it is obvious that the frames (shown in light brown) of the individual window panes will obscure part of the scenery. With a SingleLogicalScreen display that stretches over several monitors, this "window pane" effect can be configured in the HX Series (with the frames being the monitor borders). The two pics below illustrate a section of a wall display where four monitor corners come together:

"Hidden Pixels" No "Hidden Pixels"

Note that there are applications in which neither of these two effects are desirable. Air Traffic Control is an example. Hiding airplanes behind the monitor borders would not be a smart thing to do, and the typical adjacent monitor effect can cause confusion trying to follow the many track lines through the "breaks," also not a good thing. Hence, for ATC, the solution that is used is to provide very large, high resolution flat-panel monitors.