Accelerated-X™ Summit Series
Customer Support

Free Customer Support

Xi Graphics provides free support of its Summit Series software for a year or more (doesn't everyone?) after the last license has been purchased. This has been the practice for the entire existence of the Company - about fifteen years, now.. Our typical customer wants quality system SW such as graphics drivers and X servers to be easy to obtain, install, configure, and validate, and that also provides high performance so reliably that the SW can be forgotten.

Chasing SW bugs and fighting poor performance in so-called "free" SW is not usually part of a Customer's Mission Statement, yet it is all too common, especially in the Linux sector. That "free" SW often has hooks that get attached to the "Linux SW Expert" that can spend months trying to get a system up and running reliably. (See some of the "Case Studies" on this Web site in the Education Corner). The SW is free, but the cost of the experts and Project Management time can be a bit much.

Accelerated-X™ is "Service Free"
In more ways than one.. First, Xi Graphics does not charge for normal maintenance support such as updates for new versions of OS kernels , or minor changes to computer models in a platform series, or the few bugs that do appear now and then.

Second, our SW is essentially bug-free, very reliable, and does not need much maintenance. Otherwise Xi Graphics would have been out of business years ago. Our developers have to support their own SW, which provides a strong incentive for them to make really good SW in the first place.

Third, Xi Graphics does not seek revenue by selling service. Instead, the SW is (mostly) developed at our expense, and we live on license fees from happy, long-term customers who can focus on their core business instead of trying to become expert in graphics system SW. That's our job.

Specialized Care Is Available, but Not Free
There are situations that fall outside of the "Free Service" policy. For example, maintaining a code base to FDA standards for long-term code control and traceability, or providing a guaranteed rapid response for exceptionally critical missions.

Security Issues
If you have a security question or security problem with any of our products, address your question/problem to, and someone will respond.

Before Contacting Support
Here are some helpful hints before contacting Support. We generally insist on email contacts so that details of symptoms and X server behavior is conveyed accurately. Then send the data and request for help to

  *  Check the Support FAQs
It is possible that your problem is one that has been discovered, fixed, and a FAQ posted providing steps for resolution of your problem.

  *  Demos May Need An Update
Generally product demos are fresh and up-to-date. However, sometimes an update is posted as a patch to a demo.  Check to see if the demo you have has an outstanding update that should be installed.

  *  Check the Release Notes
The downloadable products have release notes available as downloads. Before installing product, it is recommended these notes be read.

  *  Updates To Summit Downloadable Products
When updates are released for Summit Series downloadable products, they may initially be put up as an installable patch which should be installed in your Summit product.

Later, these updates are incorporated into the downloadable Summit Demo of that product. By downloading the updated Summit Demo and installing it using your Software Licensing Key, you effectively update your product.

CAUTION - Make sure you get exactly the same Series and Edition as you initially installed, or your Key will not work.